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Confindustria Trento

Confindustria Trento is the Employers’ Association of the Province of Trento.
Founded in 1945, it currently represents a system of 800 member companies with a total of 35.000 employees.

Lobbying, Identity, and Services are the essential values that inspire the associative network of Confindustria Trento. 



The Autonomous Province of Trento enjoys a large degree of legislative, administrative and financial autonomy on a vaste range of policy areas. 
The Association represents and defends the interests of its members vis-à-vis local institutions, labour unions and other business associations. 



Joining Confindustria Trento means becoming a member of a business network of companies which aims at promoting the achievements, nurturing the values, and supporting the ideas of every single member. 

The Association is the place where entrepreneurs meet to exchange ideas and share experiences. From a business point of view, they also establish partnership opportunities and strengthen new relations, with the aim of boosting competitiveness and promoting territorial development.



Confindustria Trento represents an invaluable business partner for every member company, since it provides customized support on daily business management and administrative operations. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees can constantly benefit from our services.
Qualified consultancy covers key corporate issues: industrial relations, taxation, welfare, finance, research and innovation, tenders, energy, environment, education, business law and technical regulations.

Confindustria Trento regularly organizes conferences, workshops and networking events where members have the opportunity to meet and debate on corporate topics.

Confindustria Trento has also a set of conventions signed with selected service providers, in order to offer to its members qualified services at best economic conditions. 

Are members of Confindustria Trento private companies of various sizes in main industrial sectors: