Monday 15 July and Wednesday 17 July 2019 from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Palazzo Stella - via Degasperi, 77 -  38123 Trento


The objective of the workshop is to increase knowledge of specific international terminology used in balance sheets, statements, banking, markets, cost control, cash management, insurance etc. by studying specially prepared worksheets and practical examples from the real business world.
- Pronunciation
- Correct financial /business vocabulary 
- Tips on and practice of presentation technique
- Construction of simple, clear sentences
- Tips on helpful websites use of internet
- Listening exercises further study


The students will also receive advice on using the best websites for individual study in order to ensure steady long term improvement. The presentation topics will depend on the specific jobs of the participants and can range from production, finance, HR, to sales and marketing, designed for in-house or external company events.


Students will be required to use this language in;
1) Presentations – using correct language and graphs illustrating financial data
2) Business meetings - analyzing data, expressing an opinion, agreeing/disagreeing, persuading, making decisions & future action plans.
3) Written communication -emails and reports suitable for a variety of purposes (requesting information, commenting, analysis, reporting, etc) and in function of their specific jobs. Practice simulations & Role Play.


Jim Crittenden - Simon Consulting

How long

8 hours


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